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Corporate Social Responsibility

Wednesday, April 6 2022

10h00 - 10h30

Wine packaging in climate emergency:
How sustainability and innovation lead the way

Should the fine wine and luxury packaging industry be concerned about packaging for mass-market wines? Absolutely, if its longevity is at stake. As the wine – and especially fine wine – industry is more impacted by climate change than most, it should be more involved in climate action by reducing its CO2 emissions. In fact, round, glass wine bottles, which are the single largest contributor to wine's carbon footprint and should be the main target for the sector. In this session, Garçon Wines/Packamama will explain the importance of prioritizing sustainability within luxury packaging and how their climate-friendly flat wine bottles are a benchmark example of packaging that protects the Earth.

CEO & Co-Founder

10h30 - 11h30

Panel discussion: How to set up and develop e-commerce?

Catherine Sereno

Head of Marketing & Communication

Managing Director