MARCH 23, 2016

11H55-12H25 - Laboratory electrochemistry analysis, static weighing control, quality X Ray and vision inspection regarding Champagne application


14H00-14H30 - Creative trends and visual effects
David Peters, Creative Development Manager for API, will present key luxury design trends and influences which are at the foundation of all API product innovations.
The presentation will aim to inspire and provide a greater understanding on how the API creative development service can help ’spark’ innovation and aid brand evolution to a larger audience – including designers, brand owners and printers.
David has over 20 years experience within the luxury product and packaging sectors, covering design, production and branding.
David Peters – Creative Development Manager
14h35-15h05 - The enhancement of a product; from the Bombyx to the luxury packaging
Enhancing the product or How to shift from Bombix feeding to Luxury Packaging.
Almost two centuries ago, nobody could think a paper mill designed to feed silk worms would become a luxury packaging material supplier. Nowadays fashion, perfume, cosmetics, lingerie… bottles are wrapped with silk paper. Why can a premium wrapping tissue enhance what it is meant to pack and protect? Why do merchandising and marketing teams choose silk paper to further enhance such luxury goods? Visual identity through shades and printing offer brands a genuine personality. Nobody could predict a vegetable leaf substitution would become such a quality vector.
15h10-15h40 - Design pack, a new approach based on sensations transference

Today, consumers are operating in the “hyper era”. Hyperchoice and overconsumption put them in stressful situations that lead them to look for guarantees (caution, consumer testimonies, comparatives …) to help them in their choices. A wines or spirits shelf space can propose up to more than 800 references. For these products, recognized as complex by customers, the choice often appears as a challenge, especially as nearly 55% of men and 45% of women admit to a feeling of shameful ignorance and misunderstanding of technical terms. However, almost 7 purchasing decisions upon 10 are taken directly on the point of sale that is to say, with a partial information. In this context, the elements considered by the consumer are becoming increasingly immaterial. It is then the packaging and all its elements (shapes, colors, brand, message, …) to take customer adhesion. The packaging has become the 2nd element of importance after advertising for a successful product launch. But the color is mainly used to differentiate, to improve market position or increase product salience. We now propose to go further by giving meaning to the colors to make your packaging a real tool for consumer. With our innovative approach based on controlling sensations transference, you will improve satisfaction, loyalty and recreate a link between your products and your customers.

Muriel JACQUOT – Enseignant-chercheur, Co-fondatrice & Directrice scientifique – 

15h45-16h15 - Authentication and unitary traceability for wines and spirits, customer information: How to combat illicit practices, based on a smart label?

Bottles’ traceability and strong authentication are at the heart of the wine and spirit producers’ concerns: how to make sure the right, legit bottle is in the right place at the right time? French legislation includes the possibility of making compulsory the choice of a unitary device authenticating products in the market. This conference aims to introduce security solutions that ensure the bottles’ protection (unitary identification, authentication, full track-and-trace) and customers’ information, in order to establish a relationship of trust between all the stakeholders.

Alain FOUCOU  Vice-president of Advanced Track & Trace

16h20-16h50 - Le branding pour le Champagne : comment développer votre identité de marque

During this workshop, we will explain you our specialisation : the branding. Branding is about creating and managing your brand identity. To define its identity, to build its strategy, to create its tools needs to be strategically thought. With concrete realizations, the Agency (Agence Cidéo) will demonstrate you the power and the impact of a strong identity, visible in particular, and often mainly, through the packaging of the product.

Julie MARANO – Director at Agence Cidéo

MARCH 24, 2016

10h10-10h40 - Food Contact Assessment of Wines & Spirits Packaging and Containers

More than ever, manufacturers and users of packaging and food containers must comply with plenty of regulatory requirements. The sector of Wine, Spirits & Luxury is no exception to this trend and is facing ever more complex issues in a context of globalization, innovation in materials and growing concern of consumers…
But what methodology adopted to effectively meet its duty of responsibility?The purpose of our intervention is to bring you a synthetic summary on the theme of Suitability for food contact packaging (Wines & Spirits / Luxury), with:
1- the study of materials used in the pipes, filters, tanks, epoxy coatings, …
Analysis of key packaging / containers used in this industry : glass bottle, crystal decanter, cork stoppers (all materials), …
2- explanations on the articulation of the applicable regulations:
– Harmonized European legislation
– The specific national rules for member countries (mainly France)
– Focus on Bisphenol A and Phthalates.
3- Elements you have to obtain to answer your regulatory obligations and possible solutions:
– Documentary study,
– Methodology to ask your supplier the requested information.Alain BOBÉ – Directeur Laboratoire et Consultant/Formateur en ACA

10h45-11h15 - Experience & Packaging

Definition of Luxury
Luxury vs. Premium
Luxury Segmentation
Reason to believe in Luxury Value Added Packaging
10 Golden rule for Luxury Value Added Packaging


Jean Noel DOLLET Global Brand Owner


11h20-11h50 - Original decoration process of full Champagne bottles

Original decoration process of full Champagne bottles
Champagne dares the most creative designs. The organic chromatography without firing enables the most creative projects of full bottles decoration. It is now possible to decorate Champagne bottles while full with high quality organic ink decorations without having to fire them of course. This technique was used to decorate the Jeroboam that won the first prize “Formes de Luxe 2015”. An innovation proposed by the Landgraf company specialized since 1953 in the decoration of glass and especially in printing chromographies.Marius MAGY  Sales Manager

14h00-14h30 - Cross Design, between trends and coherence, how the create the right product?

Thanks to our own process: 5 SENSES METHODOLOGY©, we create products that :
– fit into your brand in a relevant way
– make your brand evoluate while respecting it
A methodology that proved its worth!Alnoor MITHA – Art Director and founder of Objets de Convoitises

14h35-15h05 - Solve grey market issues by converting your customers into” brand protection managers”

How to track and authenticate your bottles by integrating an NFC tag?
What if your consumers played a role in your brand protection?
Discover how to detect in an innovative way the possible deviations of your products while establishing a more direct and personalized dialogue with you consumers.
Frédéric MOTTIAT – VP Business Development

15h10-15h40 - We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future by being “smarter packaging”.
Our promise to the market and declaration of intentions is to:
– Be the innovative choice in the packaging industry
– Use renewable materials and high-performance solutions
– Share knowledge and work together for our customers in a global network
– Put packaging into a greater context to save resources, grow brands and increase profitabilityChristophe DELRIVE – Business Development Director Cartonboard
15h45-16h15 - Digital topic in luxury goods’ marketing and packaging. For new user experiences
Digital revolution is now impacting luxury goods’ marketing and packaging too. Operational and strategic marketing teams are still wondering how to manage it.
How create the difference with these technologies ? How to provide new experiences with digital ? How to retain new digital addicts generation without loosings its soul ? All these questions are the every day life of marketing teams.
Which can be the best approaches ? What are the actual feedbacks ? How to still create the difference ?
Charles Bourinet will try to present a quick state of art and to give you some advices.Charles BOURINET Dirigeant Aldébarande (Msc, MBA)
16h20-16h50 - Metal Solution for Champagne & Spirits– Brand Building Packaging

CROWN Aerosols & Speciality Packaging, is part of Crown Holdings Inc, a leading supplier of metal packaging solutions for FMCG companies. We are part of everyday life providing packaging for Food, Beverages, Personal Care, Household markets.
We offer a large range of packaging all made in Europe, supported by innovation teams, packaging designers and technical experts. Our aim is to help customers to build their brand with innovative and stand-out solutions. Our packaging is manufactured in Chatillon sur Seine and also in the UK. During the session, we would like to discuss how metal can become the promotional packaging solution for the wine and spirit market. We would like to see how we can work ahead in project with designers and customers. We will have samples available about what we can do in terms of finishes, features and effects on metal. Unlike many other materials, metal is a permanent resource that is 100% recyclable. Recycling metal avoid the need to extract new raw material, therefore it saves energy and carbon footprint is reduced. Metal recycles forever.Véronique Curulla – Marketing Director at CROWN Speciality Packaging

16h55-17h25 – ROUND TABLE - Eco-conception of Champagne packaging

Christophe DELRIVE – Business Development Director EUM Cartonboard  – BILLERUDKORSNAS
Aïssatou NDIAYE – Corporate Relations Manager – ADELPHE
Marie-Noëlle VIAUD – Project Manager “Wine” – COMITÉ CHAMPAGNE